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I'm delighted to finally announce this beautiful collaboration between luxury sleepwear brand Laing Home, and yours truly! Together, Anna and I spent time composing bespoke combinations of essential oils, to create three unique blends – Slumber, Unwind + Travel that come in handy 10ml roller bottles.

All blends start with the base oils required for the desired outcome – lavender + vetiver for sleep, ylang ylang + bergamot to help calm nerves and ginger + geranium for an unsettled tummy and anxiety that is sometimes caused by travel. We then combined some additional oils to make the blends and scents unique to Laing Home.

Topping it all off, we felt super privileged to have worked with the super talented illustrator and artist Bonnie Brown from Studio Bon in Wellington to create modern and impactful packaging. Bonnie is known for her bold and colourful work that explores the diverse female form, fashion and fantastical florals.

A bright, uplifting blend of ginger, geranium, lemon and tangerine in a base of fractionated coconut oil. Apply to the wrists, temples, behind the ears and abdomen in times of weariness and to help ease occasional stomach discomfort.

10ml roller blend, perfect for travelling or keeping close on the bedside table.