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Essential oils have played a huge part in my emotional wellness, and I'm excited to be co-hosting an Emotions + Essential oils workshops next week to share all kinds of practical tips and ideas. 

In this workshop, you will learn:

 the science behind emotions and essential oils
 tools and habits for healthy body chemistry
 practical emotional wellness steps you can incorporate into your daily rituals

We as humans and created to function as a whole. The spirit, mind and body are inseparably connected, and communicate at a cellular level. And because essential oils have the ability to penetrate our cells, they have the fantastic ability to support healthy cell function; anchor healthy biochemistry, and promote physical and emotional detoxification.

Raw treats + drinks provided.

You'll also have the opportunity to purchase these gorgeous doTERRA oils at wholesale price, and join our beautiful community of wellness-loving folk. 

We can't wait to spend time with you! Eleanor x
Date: Wednesday 19th June
Time: 10-12pm
Location: Mt Eden