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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on
The most valuable lesson I've learnt over the past few years of being a mama of three, whilst running a business, is that I MUST feel vibrant and energetic, first and foremost, before being able to show up and give my best to others.

The thing is, we simply can't have more time in our day, however we CAN manage our focus and what we decide to commit to. People often say to me “you must be so busy, how do you fit it all in?” - and the truth is, I've become fearlessly protective of my time, and only do the things that contribute towards living our best life.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't have balance all the time. It’s a constant ebb and flow that needs tweaking here and there, but It’s getting easier to say NO and make better decisions for my family.

Fellow mama, YOU are the only one who can take ownership of your life, and make the changes necessary to be the best parent you can be! De-clutter that schedule, smile at your courageous self in the mirror, and feel freaking amazing as you do so!

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