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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on

Do you ever stop to think about the questions you continually ask yourself? These questions can be so ingrained within our beliefs, that we often don’t notice the block they create in our ability to grow, and live to our most beautiful potential. ☼

I’m about to get real and raw with you. Here’s my very own ridiculous questions that would often dictate my inner dialogue, when faced with a difficult or uncomfortable situation. 

“Why am I am not good enough?”
“What will people think of me?”
“Why do I feel so stuck?”
“Why does this happen to me?”

I boldly decided that I would no longer allow these questions prime real estate in my mind, and replaced them with FAR better ones.

✔ “What + who can I appreciate and give thanks to, right now?”
✔“What can do to feel more aligned + fulfilled in my work?
✔“Who else can I give my gifts + service to?”
✔“How can I be even more amazing, than I ALREADY am?” 

Beautiful friend, it's time to stop waiting to share your magic with the world! No matter how big or small your dreams, almost anything is doable!

All my love, Eleanor x

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