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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on

I met my husband when I was a teenager, and we've been together now for more than ten years. Our relationship certainly hasn't been easy, and I have to admit, there's been many times when I haven't felt heard, seen or loved (particularly with three kids thrown in the mix!).

But there's one simple thought that I always come back to in those moments of frustration. When you trade your expectations for appreciation, how you feel about that person can change in an instant.

We live in a culture where it's normal to focus on our own needs, and so when they aren't met, it's EASY to blame our loved ones. But just imagine for a moment, if instead, we focused on appreciating that person for who they already are, our beautiful state of love can easily cancel out our expectations.

I believe that love isn't something we must require from others, because when this is the case, we will always be let down. Love is a feeling that we must CHOOSE to feel within ourselves, and when we do, only then can we give it to others unconditionally.

Is there somebody you love and appreciate in this moment, simply for being who they already are? reach out to them today, and let them know how you feel!

Eleanor x

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