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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on

Whatever you might be feeling right at this very moment, wether that be happy, sad, overwhelmed or frustrated, please know that it's entirely OK to feel like that, in fact, I encourage you to embrace your emotions!

We are often made to believe that we must avoid feeling negative emotions, and then spend all our time and energy resisting and focusing on them, rather than simply allowing ourselves to embrace and experience them.

Instead, why not take a moment to really tune in to how your feeling. Sit with your emotions and accept them, find the beauty in how these emotions are actually making you a stronger, more resilient person, even if they’re uncomfortable and difficult.

Imagine that if from this day forward, each time you felt a painful emotion you truly allowed yourself the privilege of pure love and acceptance, allowing more space for the beautiful and empowering thoughts that you deserve.

Because you, my beautiful friend ARE love! you are worthy of love and happiness, and I hope you believe so, too? x Eleanor

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