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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on

This year, our advent calendar is going beyond chocolate! Instead, we've created a kindness calendar, with each day, a simple action or idea to help bring more happiness to our family, friends and community. 

Read on below for some fun ideas. x

1. Do some baking, and drop it off to someone in need.

2. Set the table with some extra pizazz, and enjoy a special meal together.

3. Bake holiday cookies, wrap them up prettily then gift them to friends.

4. Make a special card for your teachers at school to say thank you.

5. Make a fire and toast marshmallows.

6. Enjoy a family game night!

7. Gather up old toys to drop off to the charity shop.

8. Pick a family member, draw them a special picture and pop in to a lovely frame.

9. Write down 5 things you are grateful for. 

1. Tell a friend at school that you think they are awesome!

The lovely wooden tree + festive decorations pictured are from Adairs. Thank you for embracing the brands that so kindly support this blog. All opinions and ideas are my own. x


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