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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on

Children are experts when it comes to simplicity, they experience the world with a sense of openness, creativity and wonder, often only needing the simplest of toys to inspire them.

Growing up, my sister and I had a basic selection of things to play with. There were dolls and soft toys, a big box filled with dress ups, and plenty of books to read. As we got older, our collection included scrapbooks and board games. I have fond memories of spending hours on end building houses out of cardboard boxes, and adventuring outside in the garden.

This kind of creative and imaginary play is something I don’t see as often these days, I have a niggly feeling that increased screen time and electronic toys are to blame. Fancy things with flashing lights can be entertaining for a little while, I must admit, although I truly believe that nothing unleashes the imagination more than simple, down to earth toys.

Now that I’m all grown up, and have three children of my own, I am beginning to know exactly what kind of toys keep my little one’s engaged. I have also learnt that too many options can easily become overwhelming and chaotic, leaving them dissatisfied and bored. Children don’t need masses of toys, in fact, the less toys you own, the more they are inspired to use their ingenuity.

I have come to learn that quality toys will stand the test of time through multiple children. Longer lasting toys mean far less purchases, and less purchases means a less cluttered home. It goes without saying that I use this same philosophy when purchasing toys as gifts.

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What toys do your little ones love? 

x Eleanor

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