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My family and I love to explore new Farmers Markets, it’s become a lovely weekend ritual that fills our tummies and inspires meals for the week ahead. I find it so tangibly satisfying to be able to connect with the people who produce the food we eat, it always enhances my appreciation of each dollar spent, too.  

A few weekends ago, we set off early for the markets in Hobsonville Point, about a twenty-five-minute drive from our home in West Auckland. What a beautiful, midsummer day it was, the sky azure blue, and a gentle warmth in the air. As soon as we arrived, the kids jumped out of the car in excitement, with Ziggy our poodle, bouncing after them.

The markets are housed inside a large, rustic old Airplane Hangar. It’s a neat old building with plenty of character, and a stunning backdrop of the Waitemata harbour. The fresh scent of salt and sea, adding perfectly to the relaxed and buzzing atmosphere.

Hobsonville Point, like many other farmers markets, is part of the celebration of all that is local. There’s wooden cartons filled with organic produce, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, stacks of rustic artisan bread, and honey from local hives.

Here’s a few of the stalls that we enjoyed in particular:

Frittelli- Our first port of call was to the Frittelli stall. They make Italian fried bread served with all the elements to make a mouth watering taste explosion. Imagine soft, warm and crisp bread, seasoned generously with sea salt, and then topped with crème fraiche, smoked salmon or prosciutto, and fresh chives. A delicious jumble of crunchy textures and bright, fresh flavours.

Earthbound Honey –  I have a deep love for honey, and use it in many of my recipes. Naturally, I gravitated towards the Earthbound Honey stall, and was more than happy to try the abundance of tasters they had on offer. The lovely husband and wife team is based in the valley of Bethells beach, and produce a gorgeous range of organic, pure and raw honey, the way it should be, really. I chose a bottle of Apple Cider Honeygar, and have been drinking it with a sparkling water, as an afternoon pick me up.

Spaceman Coffee – Possibly the most delicious coffee I’ve ever tasted, a beautiful brew that is dark, smooth and lively, all at the same time. The owner Daniel, explained how it’s lovingly roasted in very small batches, and trust me, you can tell, as it’s so wonderful. Organic and fairtrade, too.

Kosmic Kombucha – A deliciously everescent health tonic, in a stunning range of flavours, there’s strawberry and pomegranate, apple and cinnamon, lemon and ginger to name a few. It’s pleasingly dry, and not too sweet, like some kombuchas can be.

Famas Organic Produce - Abundantly fresh organic produce, locally grown in Huapai. I filled a brown paper bag with courgettes, cucumber and some intriguing looking gherkins. I was embarrassingly a few dollars short, she didn’t mind, and shouted me a few extra dollars.

The Gourmet Gannet – Also based in Huapai, this local artisan bakery makes traditional style bread. I simply had to buy a loaf of spelt flour sourdough, we just loved it's deep, chewy quality and delicious hint of sourness.

The markets are open every Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 1 pm. It’s undercover, so great for those rainy days, there’s also ample parking and you can take your dog along, if you have one. You can find them at The Landing by Hobsonville Ferry Terminal, Hobsonville, Auckland.

This article originally featured in Taste Magazine. You might also be interested in reading about the Clevedon Farmers Market, or the Oratia Farmers Market. 

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