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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on

Vetiver -  the oil of centering + descent ♡

Life often has us feeling scattered, our energy can easily become split between priorities, and what's most truly important to our soul. Vetiver can help bring us down to earth, and deeply connect to how we think and feel, without feeling the need to escape.

This exotic, unique oil is also known to provide a calming, grounding effect on the emotions, and is beautiful massaged on the feet along with lavender to promote a restful sleep.

The roots of the vetiver plant are unique in their ability to grow downward, creating a thick tangle of roots in the ground. The root of the rustic plant is where the oil is extracted, which produces a fragrance that is earthy, warm and strong. This aroma has been used among many perfume industries, making it a beautiful one for homemade roller blends.

Vetiver oil is also beautiful used in massage therapy, combine with lavender, cedarwood and fractionated coconut oil, and you have a heavenly blend for utter relaxation.

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