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I'm often asked what my favourite essential oil blend is, and without a doubt, at the moment it would have to be Balance. 

The blue coloured oil in this little, amber bottle smells just like rain has fallen, amongst a tree-filled forest. Warm, earthy and intriguingly refreshing, Balance has the ability to make me feel calm, patient and grounded, whilst also feeling connected to nature, in the most lovely way.

It's perfect for soothing heightened emotions, and also makes a beautiful addition to our night time rituals. When I simply take a moment to inhale it's nurturing scent, I can't help but feel present in the moment, and know,  that because I'm giving pure love to myself, I have the strength to get through anything life chooses to throw at me. It makes me feel balanced, strong, and beautiful. 

To use, add 8-10 drops in your diffuser, or simply place a few drops in the palm of your hand, then gently rub the two together. Create a cup over your nose, and begin to take 10 deep inhalations right down in to your belly, and then slowly releasing any feelings of discomfort with each long, slow exhalation. I usually do this at least once a day, as it’s such an easy to slow down, feel present, and take a moment to care for myself.

Alternatively, you could add a few drops to your palm, mixed in with some carrier oil, and disperse in to your bathing waters, or  apply to the soles of the feet, or pressure points to promote feelings of relaxation. 

I'm head over heels in love with doTERRA essential oils. Follow this link  If you’d like to find out more, and why they're the safest and most healthy option for me and my family. 

 You can also purchase these gorgeous oils at a discounted rate, by creating a wholesale account through me here.  x

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