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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on
Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring women to launch their own network marketing businesses, and one of the most common blocks or limiting beliefs they experience in the beginning is the fear of selling and what others think of them.

Perhaps you too, are dabbling in network marketing, or thinking of getting started? Here’s a few tips to help you work through the early days and build confidence ✨

1. Since starting my business, I’ve come to realise that not everyone will like what it is that I have to say, and that’s absolutely OK. I would rather keep sharing what I love than dilute this version of myself to simply keep them happy!

2. It’s important to remember that most of the time, people purchase things because they believe it will move them away from pain and towards pleasure. As network marketers in the wellness industry, its’s our job to gently show others how our products can do just that!

3. Be proud of what you do, and continue to show up every day, even when it feels like nobody is listening. Be transparent about the fact that you’re selling something! This is nothing to be ashamed of!

4. Be a shining example of the lifestyle that your products bring. When you are looking after yourself and showing up as your best version, others will naturally gravitate towards you, and want some of what you’re having!

5. Anchor your attitude in the belief that caring is an incredible gift you have to give others. When you stop yourself from sharing a product that you love because of your own fears, you are actually doing others a disservice. How can they experience something, if they don’t know about it?

6. Each time you feel fear, the BEST thing you can do is take action, even when it feels scary! I guarantee that one thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they take daily, consistent action, despite discomfort.

7. And lastly. Remember this simple truth: you always get to decide how somebody makes you feel, regardless of what they say. You are always in charge of your own thoughts ✨

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