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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on
I took this photo last year on day-trip to Piha. Back then, I never imagined we'd be living here. The truth is, I was in a really dark place, and didn’t speak about it online. How magical, that life can change so hugely in such a short amount of time. I can't believe the person I am today, compared to who I was back then.

We can literally change the trajectory of our lives, through our daily actions, thoughts and reactions. However, you have to be willing to change and do the personal work.

Here's a few things I do to prioritise growth + change within myself.

1.Listen to mindset podcasts and audiobooks daily. I also make the conscious decision to sit with my emotions and feel them, as opposed to buffering with wine, food or mindless netflix.

2.Move my body through exercise, ESPECIALLY when I don't feel like it.

3. Be ruthlessly protective of the things I consume. This applies to both social media, and the food I eat.

4. Avoid the media, and negative news stories. Opinions don't define our reality! We ALWAYS get to choose our own beliefs!

5. And lastly, rather than focusing on situations, I choose to focus on possibilities, then consciously take action to work towards them. Dreams without action will always remain dreams.

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