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Posted by Eleanor Ozich on

Hello fellow essential oils lover!

Firstly, I'm so excited that you've welcomed these lovely oils in to your home and daily rituals. If you're new to essential oils, it can be super easy to feel overwhelmed, which is why I've put together my favourite resources to help support you on your journey. 


Modern Essentials App (M Essentials) 

You’ll love this handy app! add it to your phone - this is my Essential Oils pocket bible! You can search by any ailment, and find a list of helpful oils, or perhaps you have an oil that you are unsure of how to use. Pop it in the search bar, and you'll receive plenty of ideas to get you started.

150 Uses For Your Home Essentials Kit 

In this free download, you'll find an abundance of uses for our top 10 most popular and versatile oils. You'll never be stuck for ideas here, and it's a fab one to refer back to when needed.

Emotions + Essential oils - A reference guide for emotional healing

I'm in love with this beautiful book, and all it has to offer. Essential oils can truly be such a wonderful way to support your emotions, plus you'll smell incredible at the same time, I mean, why wouldn't you make the most of these magical bottles of alchemy? Available online here

Perhaps you are asking "what the heck is LRP?"

This video will come in handy and make sure you are ordering your oils in the cheapest way possible (hello free product points and free oils!). Please sing out if you have any more questions, I'd love to chat to you about this awesome programme.

Roller Bottles, spray bottles and other items for homemade goodness


Or perhaps you love visual content, like me!

Browse to your hearts content on the doTERRA pinterest page, but beware, you may need a few hours up your sleeve to pin all the goodness. You might also like to follow the New Zealand doTERRA Instagram or Facebook page. 

I hope you enjoy them, Eleanor x

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